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Johnny Amore says: This song was the result of jamming 4 pre-existing songs together into one:
The intro, verse, "I love you" and end parts came from my attempt to write a song that people could play while proposing to their significant others.
The prechorus part was written after the Professor watched Avatar.
The chorus came from a recurring dream/song that I had. I wrote the song while I was dreaming and then I couldn't remember it when I woke up. Several times I heard the song while I was dreaming only to wake up and not be able to remember it. When I finally remembered it, I called it "Only When I'm Dreaming". Interestingly enough, the melody in this part is an inverted variation on the keyboard line from Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"
The end of the song contains an additional melody line from a fourth song from my distant past.
The end result of cramming these 4 songs together is what you hear now.

Professor Meatloaf says: A big thanks to Andre Mejia for playing through this song with Johnny and I in his basement until we realized all the tempo changes were actually going to work. A special thanks also goes out to Lotus Joynt, Jennifer Rose, Lobster, Looseleaf Kindersley, Phoebe Sevilla and Jon Oxner for their significant contributions.

The additional musicians for this song are:

Andre Mejia-drums
Jon Oxner-Viola D'amore
Lotus Joynt-vocals
Lobster/Jennifer Rose-vocals
Looseleaf Kindersley-vocals
Phoebe Sevilla-Meows


Only When I’m Dreaming

The angels sing and I can’t help but purr
A sacred feeling shimmers through my fur

I can feel it, I don’t know why
But when I touch you, I feel alive
When you jump through the trees
As you soar over me
The love within us begins to flow

Oh, what I wouldn’t do to sever it all and finally be with you
Oh, what I wouldn’t do to sever it all, to sever it all
When the sun goes down and the lights are out I see your face .....but only when I’m dreaming

I savor this moment, nestled against your chest
There are so many kitties, but you are the best

In the moment and in my bones
In the blood that keeps me warm
Put your tail in the air and let me get under there
I wanna love you from the inside out

I love you, you know it’s true
I love you, yes I do
I wrote this song for you because
I want you to know that I love you
and nobody knows how much I do
and no one can know
but we would be better together as one

Brothers, sisters, animals, aliens
Trees and deserts, untied shoes
The grass is cold. Love the spring,
Need the water! It's the age of Aquarius!

I love you, I don’t know what to do
Only a song can say


from Johnny Amore Featuring Professor Meatloaf, released September 12, 2012
Written by Johnny Amore, Professor Meatloaf, Andre Mejia, Jon Oxner, Lotus Joynt



all rights reserved


Johnny Amore Ottawa, Ontario

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